The Passage of Time

There is no more magic in the world. Jewels and Rings have no power beyond their shine and beauty. The time of the Elves has long since ended. The Wizards have sailed away. The Trees no longer move or sing. Goblins, Orcs and Trolls exist only in children’s tales. Even the Dwarf-lords and their halls of stone have been forgotten. The strength of Men is splintered and divided. There is no High King, the Reunited Kingdom has fallen. There are fiefdoms and city-states, Princes and Protectors, wandering chieftains long bereft of land and lordship. The Ship-Kings out of the West are a faint memory, a distant glimmer of Ages long past. The blood of heroes is all but spent.

How did the Dominion of Man come to this? No grand battles on foreign fields. No artifacts of great power holding sway over the future. No great shadow threatening to cover the lands. There is simply the passage of time, the slow, unending progress of the ages, the gradual fading of all things. There is no power left to slow the passage of time. History has become legend and legend has become myth. There is no more magic in the world.

Or, is there?


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